.: Lei da Causa e Consequencia Bufferizada :.
Not long ago, I sent an email saying that if we wait for something to become better for too long, something bad may happen to change what is wrong. Basically, thinking that hiding or protecting ourselves forever in a shell waiting that nothing will ever change is a very big mistake. In terms of balance, when one side is in a huge disadvantage, any drop of water may inflict chaos and change sides to seek for a new order. This does not apply only to our lives. From time to time any dynamic system requires changes. The sad thing is that we do very little to avoid the disordered inflation and usually wait to face the consequences. Everything would be much simpler if the rule cause and consequence could always be applied instantly, but that's not how it works. The systems are bounded by this rule, but there is a tiny little element that adds complexity to them: the buffer. When the buffer is empty that would be the ordinary cause and consequence law we are used to know.

Our health is an example of this law. Little by little we do things that is not good to our bodies and minds. It could be smoking, eating fat, ignoring exercises or living a miserable unhappy life. Fortunately our bodies can endure a long period of time but if we do nothing to regain our balance we become sick or have an explosion of mood. It is usually good to have a change. Or even better to do it all the time with small changes in the spirit, personal projects and goals. Breath new air. This prevent us from getting old and to became a dinosaur in a world that is constantly been challenged by new opportunities and youth. It is also a way to keep the buffer always low, or as simple as it could be: empty.

The Scream/Wallace Begay [link]

It is not an easy task to calculate the size of the buffer, but I guess that's not very important. Of course it would be great to know exactly when it would be the turning point, but that would represent only a false feeling of control and would not solve the problem. The point is how to identify what is demanding for changes and more importantly to have the courage and attitude to expose the situation and take an action. Sometimes we are so worried to find the solution and afraid that it is the right one that we ended up missing the turning point and the buffer ends. Sometimes just taking an action inspires the solution by simply exposing the problem. People are easily moved with feelings of cooperation, specially in countries like mine, that's a good strategy for seeking a solution. Lack of understanding and communication wastes the full potential that exist within this cooperation. Sometimes the full potential of this energy is not used because of the lack of empathy for the cause. Usually we are not alone. Knowing is the beginning and sharing is essential. Denial leads to prejudice and a chain of bad actions starts to cloud the solution.

The world's economy is suffering from the unbalanced relationship between the rich and the poor. Everyone faces the consequences, it is up to the leaders and partially their responsibility to avoid disorders to pop up. The denial of the people that something is wrong with their lifestyle, the world and their complacence to keep moving this system is everyone's problem. The more involved with this problem the more the consequence to be suffered, that's very natural and represents a good lesson to everyone.

There is also our environment that still suffers from an unbalanced relationship between our consumption and the capacity of the planet to absorb our pollution. Today I see that we live with the problem and do nothing effective to stop it, even if we are aware that it exists. So the day will come for the nature to take its action and find a new order to keep the balance in harmony. Not before a chaotic period of time where the ones involved will struggle to find a way to establish themselves on this new order.
After the consequences are the lessons learned? Some people will learn it, some won't and I guess opportunities will always be there to prove it.
.: A Teoria do Vírus :.

I have a theory about the origins and purpose of viruses. That's very simple, but very weird.

The viruses evolved by using living creatures to reproduce themselves. This appears not to be a symbiotic relationship since the affected beings do not gain anything but an infection. But I believe that this is not entirely true. The virus is a vector that we can use to infiltrate into other beings. Just imagine the virus as part of us, or a tool created by us, evolved within us. When we infect others the material that originated by our metabolic reactions is now inside another creature. Of course, the DNA/RNA of the viruses is not our own, but what if we can intentionally direct them to others? This is a very aggressive mean of communication, but that's exactly the point. Guess what, we unconsciously spreading viruses to the people we want. But it does not apply only to other people, it applies to ourselves too.

Maybe we do not manifest the disease, we just have the viruses but we can get along with them. When we want ourselves to manifest the disease, our immunological system is altered and the viruses inside us are activated. Just like some parts of our DNA, depending on the type of the cell, some segments can activate or not. Cancerous cells are infected by virus in most cases, that's an example of how dangerous they are. Nothing new here, but what I am suggesting is that we are responsible for the manifestation of certain diseases. How many times we become weak when we are unhappy, have a lot of complains, or have destructive thoughts? So, this desire for change yearns for chaos, destruction, renovation. Our minds can do amazing things for good and for bad.

The Virus Theory

Going deep into this theory is that this is also a mechanism that we use to project our intentions into others. Since our thoughts cannot interact with the thoughts of another, by strongly manifesting intentions into different types of viruses this is a way to materialize our will to reach the other. I believe that our minds can do much at cellular level. Our will have much power not only to control our physics. It goes deep into our life system. Our will intrinsically connecting our DNA, and our DNA interacting with viruses RNA/DNA and its reproduction, mutation, etc. Life have thousands of years of existence, and all this system I am describing used the small chances and opportunities that opens up possibilities to take advantage of the best architecture that can be designed.

Exchanging DNA/RNA is not new in nature. Bacterias do it with their cross over method. It is easier for them since they live within the same environment. Multi cellular beings cannot cross over their DNA information since their cells cannot physically touch each other all the time. So virus is for multi cellular beings what plasmids are for bacterias. Evolved plasmids finding a way to make sense in a different form. Thousand years of evolution made this mechanism turn into diseases, but that's what see now. I believe that this is just one aspect that we perceive.  The roots were good for the evolution. And even now, in a different or same way, we just don't realize it.

What is yet to be discovered about us, about our DNA, about life is unimaginable. Viruses mutates inside us and so our cells. What is inside our bodies is the environment that defines us. We are not just our cells, we are the mithocondrias, the bacterial flora living symbiotically and other aliens, every life form within the body. Its just natural that the lives in ourselves desires to survive, mutate and manifest into other environment or bodies. And its natural that the beings in us attempts to interact with each other, to every way they can. Usually the virus has a very specific target. Human viruses usually doesn't affect turtle viruses, etc. This is because we are not turtles so we don't have the necessity to project our DNA or our mutated DNA into turtles and vice-versa. There are multiple factors why virus are specie specific, I am just listing this one as an example.

Who knows all the mysteries of what can't be seen? The unknown can always be wondered and travel around like virus carrying information. Some are useful, some are just stupid.