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If anybody asks me what is my goal right now I would answer that it is to become fearless. I am not saying that this means to be brave or to have the courage to fight against my problems, although these items are part of the process. I believe that fearlessness is something deeper. To have the purpose that motivates us to face anything. It is not to be angry or mad, but to be still. Not to lie, but to accept truth. To be fearless is to combine wisdom with the will to live and to be ready to accept yourself, to understand and to be understood.

It is hard to express these feelings that I have towards fearlessness. It is so personal but I hope I can at least share a little bit of my thoughts. What it means to move forward, to think deeply and calmly about your current condition. To put all your pride aside and replace it with acceptance. Not to fear anything, not even death. It is a powerful feeling. It is the compass that opens new roads for choosing many other positive discoveries such as love, faith, wonderment, clarity and freedom. It is the awareness of your surroundings. To never, ever give up to fight for what you believe in.

There are many situations in which you will simply ignore your problems. You know they exist, although you are not fully aware of them. So they become bigger and bigger and become critical. They wouldn't if you were wise enough to face and deal with them. That's the consequence of fear: despair and regret. Ignoring what calls you for so long have the same effect of being scared to answer them. You just don't want to admit it.

The egg of fear may hatch as a beautiful bird or as a monster. You choose.

How many things we keep ignoring in our lives? Here is a list of things that I was already scare of: darkness, talking to a stranger, going to somewhere like a show or a trip, some subjects regarding my feelings or my choices, admitting my frailties, breathing new air, loneliness, getting sick, getting old, the future and many other things. Somethings I am not scared anymore like darkness. I found out that introspection and self discovery can come out even in the darkest places. Some of them like the loneliness I try to transform, replacing it with the joy that can be found within my solitude.

From time to time I forget to be myself, the purpose of living this life. Sometimes, or maybe many times I forget that I am a spirit full of positive energy. This energy needs to flow in my body or else I become used to my negative energy. Thus, I start to live in disharmony and loose my way. We need simple things to feed our soul. There is so much distraction that can change the course of our paths. If we have goals, and we all have goals, we need to remember what motivated us to choose these goals and what we are doing to achieve them.

I could share some of my goals now, but of most of them are quite silly and it won't add anything to anybody. But this one is valuable and precious. To try to get closer and closer to fearlessness each and every day.