.: Brincando de Sociedade :.
I was going to post this in another thread, but the text became too heavy so I moved it here. Well, for those who are not used to it, I am the kind of person that uses many indirect speeches, irony and things that some don't like or understand because they want to interpret everything literally. What should I do?
It has been a while since I wrote something like this, I hope I do not to offend anyone.
Hmm... on Brazil, if the video game was a children stuff, it would be very lucrative for the industry, considering that the parents do not want to be a bad example to their children giving them illegal games. Or maybe if the teenagers were less rebel while piracy it all because they believe everything is too expensive. The teenagers don't have money and it is because they live with the monthly allowance given by their parents, so they really buy illegal stuff. But of course there are those certain greedy grown ups that want the cheapest things even if they have money to spend. Or maybe they have other priority to their money, so they spend with everything they can't have for free.
Or maybe some will want to earn money from it.
Nintendo = children's games, apartments with children and their Game Cube with games bought on those cool shopping center stores and parents giving Wiis to their children in Christmas if they are approved in the school, but they ended up giving the gift anyway because it was already planned and Christmas without gifts is poverty... Whoa! Well, in these days those who have money register their children in private schools isn't it? To be approved in school or not is relative and the public schools approve them because the Estate can't retain students, absurd. And there are always those little friends that make pressure because they talk too much about the subject and because its their social culture to go into a friend's house to play the new Smash Brothers. What a cute scene to watch.
Maybe if your son is a nerdy you will want to give him a Playstation 3. Your son will already have a bluray recorder because like all the nerdy ones he will think he knows a lot. Of course he will study by himself on the Internet and with his µtorrent he will download the game he wants very quickly. I might be one of those if I was born in this generation.
I dunno, a guy that is always playing one of the Level Up Games after the school while the others from the same class room belongs to the guild together with the leaders from another city they never saw... Well, who cares about the school's test marks if in the future there is a regular jog waiting, those where you are registered, paid and everything. It's hard to imagine people teaching and giving humanity examples. It's everyone feeling to be proud from what they have, from what they lived, from what they know and wanting to be proud of their family. And children living in this world without realizing the influences of the past.
But there are still those who want to learn with the world.
There are even camouflages of a time when they said that the men was not an animal, because no, the men is the image and similarity! How can he belong to the same kingdom of the insects and sponges? Similarity if a... animal? Well who knows if changing the strategy maybe animal > vegetables... Some weirdos from above in order to protect their society, better saying, interests, insert these unconscious seeds, even because we don't think too much, right? What is it that brings fragmentation instead of union? Why there are so many of them spreading throughout the world, each coming from a different culture and sometimes feeding from the ego of people like some insane visionaries that used this weakness in the past to do what they please. Blasphemy if I compare them to the same holocaust faction, but in a certain way, all of them explore the psych of human society. Vanity.
Not trust the Internet because the data are not trustworthy and the authors are anonymous? Hmmm...
Big examples, big personalities and a bunch of followers. After all, it is one writer and many readers.
Oh, if we had money many problems would go away and I don't know if any enterprise would be interested in the teenager market share around here because of their way of thinking... Well, but I believe that this is very natural and the whole world must be aware of this and the consequences. By the whole world I mean, the teenagers. Yeah, the whole world is aware, but I remember that when I was studying in high school there were so many discussions about alienation and that's obvious that the lessons we learn we never forget! But what about those who did not have these classes? And the worst: what about those who even had high school?
Lessons learned, yet not lived.
I cannot explain this too well, I don't know if it is only me, but I feel like some essential things starts to disappear with our age. Or with the time, maybe I had more deep conversations when I was younger. Even because the people that I used to I talk to about these subjects before seems to think, better saying, not to think about it anymore. How much limited, suffocating and manliness is the world of adults? Yes, it is because I when I was a teenager I thought that the world of the adults was very squared and I have the feeling that some people that grew with me is becoming squared too. Even marriage and pregnancy! PS: after the pregnancy, the babies come! Oh, just joking.
The world have those who complain about always wanting more, those who struggle and never enjoy their moments because they are used to it and those ones who, oh, the others who no one cares because they don't use the others, are not used and it is better leave them alone, right? They are not feeding this vicious cycle... Do they even exist?
Well, maybe what I have written here was important just to myself and to no one else. After all, the perception is from someone very subtle. And these relief was something very subtle too. From everything I lost, at least I learned something and I am happier now after leaving behind many of my illusions in the past. But I am a little sadder too, because in this world the natural things perish, but they can be artificially recreated to last longer.
Metaphors, right?