.: O Demônio Não Reconheceria Você :.

I have been though a lot lately. I have a lot to tell about my experiences in my last travel, upload my photos at Picasa, write about my wishes and the weird events that happened at home last month. Well, like always, I will save it for another day :D!

By the way, it is always funny to know what someone thinks about you. Specially because even you don't know all about yourself. I guess you should take care when you say something about someone, because you can say all that you know regarding what a person do or is capable of doing, but hardly you will know for sure how it feels inside, the reasons and intentions. There are things that is better to ask the person directly. Anyway, it is hard to talk about people, about yourself or about anyone. Each one of us have moments of surprise, such is the nature of the humans.

I am buying a lot of junk lately. Last week I bought a hard disk USB cable, an MP5 device for my mother's birthday and today I bought a USB midi cable to connect my piano to my notebook, so I can use piano software, specially this one called Synthesia. If I work hard enough I want to compose some music in the future, I have some melodies in my head, but there is no way I can record them :(.

Well, I missed my house, my space and all the stuff around the city. My office finally changed its address location and now I don't work on an ugly building with air tubes all around the corridors. And now that my vacations is over, there are tons of things waiting for me at the office. Better close my eyes, breathe and go crazy.