.: O Firewall Humano :.
While I was reading an essay, I remembered about my research regarding the firewalls of the human brain. That essay indicates how people who suppress the feelings become more depressed and unhealthy. There are many reasons for one to suppress the feelings, humans are used to do it in many situations. The scientists observed two groups watching disgusting and despicable scenes. One group was allowed to freely express the emotions while the other group was instructed to not express any emotion at all. The second group was more affected by autonomous reactions, heart acceleration and high level of stress. It was a quite interesting experiment. It was also clear that an emotionless person has a low social behavior and is not very interesting to others.
That experiment reminded me that breaking the psychological firewalls requires a lot of patience. I need to organize better the data and results of my analysis on this subject. The brain is basically shaped in three levels, the reptilian complex, the limbic system and the neo-cortex. In order to interpret a reaction we need to understand how these three levels interact with each other and how they express their activities throughout the body since we cannot simply read the mind of others. That's the reason of my research, not only to break the firewalls but to understand how my body is affected by my own inner interactions. The signals of rejection that I cannot control have always annoyed me. Mind control by means of meditation and body side effects are tied to each other, I cannot simply ignore the rules of the nature. So... It is better if I work together with them.
.: Derretendo Um Coração Gelado :.
Everybody knows that I am cold when I want to. I used to deal with different people to get I what wanted since I was a little boy. Music helped me shape my personality, you know, to become the person that I am today.
And at night (when I am alone) I like to look though my window and see the city, the buildings and to breath the night air. I am always carrying my pen drive loaded with music.
This is a good exercise to forget about the person that I am, and the things that I do. I can get in contact with myself and see my life though a more human perspective. It feels great and develop my emotions in a way.