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The magazine I read today had several subjects about mental disorders.
Anorexia I believe everyone is tired to hear. But man, children taking pills because they are hype, rebel, etc. that was a surprise! I feel really sad when things have to be resolved using medicine. There was a boy that liked to cut himself and he started to do very weird things just to isolate himself from the world... and that's the world we live in!
And another thing that I found very interesting, but I read it outside this magazine was about a kind of light autism, the same one the bittorrent author has. Body language is very important, it is a pity that some channels of communication cannot reach everybody.
It is complicated to understand some disorders. Is the world so polluted that the people cannot see themselves anymore? I make these questions now because I also want to understand myself, sometimes I became a little revolted and with light depression, but this never affected my activities, the things I wish to do and my quest for my goals. But just stop and think about it, which goals are these? To enlist the ordinary ones doesn't count. And it makes me tired to hear about marriage, children and, man... to retire? Get a real, the public benefits are broken! To be known as myself is a way to begin, I think it all starts this way.
Back to the subject about the world today, I believe that part of this picture is due to the competition that does not care about our time and differences. As I always studied in public schools (with the exception of my English and Exam Preparatory classes) I was oblivious about the competition among my colleagues. Sometimes we even missed course books and I already spent months without classes of a specific subject like History and Chemistry. In my 3rd year of high school I started to go to the Prep. Exam Course every day in the noon and I clearly saw how the people there were more competitive. There was an ugly and annoying girl that even wanted to sabotage me with some psychological tricks, but she just gave up when she found out that I was going to try engineering and not biologics. My policy was never to say what I was going to do and although I always said to people that I had doubts, I had none. I always knew what I was going to do. And come on, to play psychological games against me requires a very skilled player, since I am good at reading the body language and I analyzing the intentions of the people based in their past behavior, etc. aka intuition.
The Preparatory Exam Course showed me a new reality and you know what, I believe that even if I did not had started this course I would be accepted in my college. What it matters is the dedication and the quality of your study. Even in the college it was not because I was used to sleep in the classes that I was not approved and I was never reproved in anything.
I want to live in a more human like place, less wild, less bestial. Our rules are so messed that people that are completely happy in a place would feel completely smashed in another one. I think I am starting to see it closer and clearly now that I am living outside the college world. I was protected back then. I always knew that it was part of our system, but man, there are so many things to analyze and to wonder... Yet I feel so lazy!!! And to live is better than watching from afar so I believe I am in my time.
Blah, I just wanted to comment about the magazine: even children taking medicine because any difference is a disease today. Isn't it revolting?